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Fashion In Music

30 Mar


When I was about 10 or 11 years old, my dad took me to my very first concert…The B-52’s. The psychotropic guitar riffs. The endless, neon summer lyricism. A sound that can only be described as bursting from a time capsule from outer space. I absolutely loved this band and still do. My favorite beehived Deadbeat Club hopper will always be the delightful Kate Pierson.

Portrait of Kate Pierson

Kate Pierson is the hairdo queen that made an appearance throughout my entire childhood. Yet, what always stuck out most to me was her eclectic and electric sense of style. Go-go boots almost got lost behind all the other junk in everyone’s closet, and she had the great mind to bring them back. Her astro-lounge attire hued in an outstanding bubblegum-pop color palate is fun and exciting. Her perfectly coiffed fiery locks only add to her allure.

102097 B-52's #4 (NT Photo-Local Filers-Bands) Bob Rives

Needless to say, she’s just plain cool. I wanted to be her so badly when I was little. Who am I kidding? I still want to be her! I am still so obsessed by Kate Pierson. I am so enthralled by her bad-girl, baby doll vocals and tubular dance moves. When I tell people I listen to B-52’s, they always reply “What? As a guilty pleasure?” No. There is nothing guilty about their music at all, it’s simply a pleasure. Hell, I may just go and work on my own B-52 before I go for groceries later this week.


Although I usually see her pictured in structural, shirt and pant combinations, I much prefer Kate in her skin-tight dresses or jumpsuits. As for my lesson in fashion, she has always taught me that although I may want to opt for neutral colors, don’t do it unless they’re at least some form of fun pattern. Why not inject a bit of psychedelic into your life every now and again?


Kate Pierson with her fellow B-52ers

I absolutely LOVE this feature of hers on Iggy Pop’s “Candy”! It is my favorite song of all time ever. Whenever I feel down, I watch this video and think “Now, if she can wear and evening gown in an abandoned cocktail lounge, why can’t I wear a wide-brimmed hat to get the mail?” These are the questions we need to ask ourselves people.



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