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Something Thrifted

14 Mar

We all know it’s oh so cool to be a vintage fiend these days. As much as I die for vintage fashion, I just can’t get myself to buy used clothes. The thought of literally walking around in someone else’s shoes is just so unappealing to me. But I do love the idea of taking an afternoon to sort and sift through the treasures of yesteryear and taking them home in order to breathe new life into them. That’s how I discovered that thrift shopping need not only apply to clothing and doilies. Since then, I’ve scooping up oldies but goodies to furnish and decorate my home. Nothing turns a house into a cozy, comforting home quite like a flea market find that isn’t dingy and dirty, but rather “well loved”. On my last antique dig, I came across these pretties:



2 emerald green platers. Circa 1950’s and made in the good ol’ US of A, I just couldn’t pass up on these beautiful little homes for my new cacti. I love the thought of filling my home with gorgeous green things…especially since I live in an apartment with no yard. Which is visually boring to say the least.


my moon cactus “Dominik”

After spotting the brilliant collection of planter in various brilliant shades of green on the stained beige carpet of my local antique mall, I immediately fell in love. I picked out my favorites and had mentally picked out my new house plants names before I even reached the cash register. (As an apartment dweller, I am also not allowed pets, so my plants are not my babies. It’s totally normal.)


succulent twins “Vinnie” and “Bobby”

Added bonus, the pair cost me less than $10!!! For me, that is a Sunday morning well spent.


I hope this inspires you guys to get out and take a look around your local vintage and antique store. Or if you don’t have one nearby, at least some old hoarder’s basement. It’s all about the thrill of the hunt, and nothing beats coming home with a new treasure after an afternoon of digging. What are some of your favorite thrift shop finds?

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